Thank you for visiting us at the Children's Humor Study! All projects are currently closed to enrollment, please check back as we may open recruitment in the near future.

In this study we aim to examine the brain development and function, specifically as it relates to cognition and humor. We are currently seeking typically-developing children (ages 6-12) who are native English-speakers. For more information about our research findings related to humor in adults, please read our lab's publications. If you are interested in learning more abour our current study, please read through this website.

Study Goals

This study is directed by Drs. Allan Reiss (Stanford University) and Jessica Black (Boston College). The goals of the study are to:

  1. Identify material (video clips) that children ages 6-12 find funny and not funny.
  2. Use neuroimaging techniques (magnetic resonance imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy) to explore how children's social, emotional and cognitive functioning are associated with the cortical and subcortical neural correlates of humor detection and appreciation.


Contact us

If you have questions please call the Humor Study Line at (650) 498-4538 or email us here.  We look forward to hearing from you!