The Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research (CIBSR) at the Stanford University School of Medicine is dedicated to research that will improve the lives and well-being of individuals with disorders of the brain and improve knowledge of healthy brain and behavioral development. CIBSR research staff work to identify biological and environmental risk factors, understand disease pathophysiology and developmental outcomes, and develop new treatments for neurodevelopmental, neurogenetic and neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood onset. Our research studies are truly multi-interdisciplinary as they bring together experts from the fields of psychiatry, neurology, psychology, computer science, biostatistics and genetics to explore and seek answers for complex questions related to brain-behavior relationships. 

Research Groups

Brain Dynamics Lab

The Brain Dynamics Lab led by Dr. Manish Saggar, PhD is a computational neuropsychiatry lab dedicated to developing computational methods to better understand brain’s overall dynamical organization in healthy and patient populations.



The BRIDGE (Brain Imaging, Development, Genetics) Lab is led by Dr. Tamar Green, MD and focuses on pediatric clinical neuroscience with an emphasis on neurogenic and neurodevelopment disorders.



The Computational Brain Research and Intervention (C-BRAIN) Lab led by Dr. Hadi Hosseini. PhD investigates alterations in the organization of connectome in various neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorders using state of the art neuroimaging techniques combined with novel computational methods. 


Hong Lab

The Hong Lab is led by Dr. David Hong, MD and focuses on the intersection of hormones and neurogenetics.



The Near-Infrared Spectrscopy (NIRS) Lab is led by Dr. Allan Reiss, MD and focuses on projects that use fNIRS technology to investigate multiple clinical groups.



The Stanford Interaction Neuroscience Group (SING) is led by Dr. Allan Reiss, MD and is interested in using simultaneous neuroimaging to investigate neural networks during communication and interaction.