The Statue Game

The statue games was invented to assist you in learning how to keep still for short and long periods of time. When we scan you in the MRI, it is really important that you don't move. This includes all the parts of your body, but most importantly, your head. A grade sheet has been provided on this page (Click below for Grade Sheet). Each time you keep still for the time on the grade sheet, you can place a shiny star or color in the empty star spot.

  1. First, put your name on the grade sheet.
  2. Lie on the floor on your back (like the photo below).
  3. Get a friend or a family member to place the tips of their fingers just above your ears.
  4. When you are comfortable, you can the start the game remember to keep still like a statue!


The aim of the game is to keep as still as possible. This includes the whle body (from your nose to your toes rules). If you move, the person holding your head will make a noise (e.g. like blow a whistle). You are allowed one move for the one minute, two moves for three minutes; three moves for five minutes and five moves for ten minutes.

OK, you are ready to start playing.

  1. Set a timer to 1 minute.
  2. When the person holding your head says go, you should keep still for 1 minute. If you kept still for the minute, you can fill in the empty space on the grading sheet and move on to the three minutes and so on.

Download a grade sheet