MRI Simulator

As part of your study visit, you will have one or more simulator sessions if you are scheduled for an MRI scan. What is an MRI simulator? It is a twelve-foot mock, or pretend, scanner without the magnet. Our simulator looks like a real MRI scanner so that you can become familiar with the sights, sounds, and sensations before you have your scan. We will help you further practice lying still during the MRI scan. You can listen to music, hear a story, or watch a video during parts of the simulator training. Feel free to bring your own favorite DVD for use at the simulator and the actual MRI scanner.

We use special monitoring equipment that will automatically interrupt the entertainment for a brief interval so that you will know if you have moved too much during the simulation. This provides immediate feedback to you, reminding you to hold still.

We also play the sounds an MRI makes along with the audio from the selected movie to approximate what it will sound like during the actual MRI session.

We may ask you to practice playing the fMRI games using the button box while sitting at a computer and while lying in the simulator.

Finally, we have a Treasure Chest of prizes that you can choose from for practicing with us!

Resources for Researchers - download manual in PDF