Join a Study

The Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research is always looking for participants for various research studies investigating the neurological, biological, and psychological aspects of multiple genetic and neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Below are currently recruiting studies. If you are a healthy volunteer, you can reach out to individual studies to ask if they are recruiting healthy volunteers or email Safiyyah Bachar at to ask about opportunities. 

If you already joined a study and want to learn more about what to expect, please reach out to the research coordinator for the study. Or see our page about preparing for a MRI or NIRS visit.

T1 Diabetes NIRS Study

We are interested in using a brain imaging technique (fNIRS) to study the brain in children with Type 1 diabetes who are transitioning to a hybrid closed-loop system. 

Eligibility: If you are aged 7-17, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and starting on a hybrid closed-loop system (but has not started yet), you may qualify. You must also be able to travel to Stanford Children's Diabetes Clinics in Palo Alto or Sunnyvale. 

What to expect: This is a longitudinal study that will require to meet at 3 different time points: Baseline, 3 months and 6 months after starting a hybrid closed-loop system. At each time point researchers will carry out a NIRS scan and assessments/surveys. These appointments last between 1.5-3 hours depending on the time point. 

Potential Benefits: $25-$50 Amazon giftcard after each timepoint

Contact Information: For more information please contact our research team at: or (650) 498-4976

BGAP Study

The BGAP (Brains, Genes and Puberty) study is a NIH funded project designed to improve our understanding of brain and behavioral growth in boys during a critical time in their development. It focuses on Klinefelter syndrome and male adolescent neurodevelopment. 

Eligibility: Boys and young teens aged 8-13 who either have confirmed Klinefelter syndrome (47, XXY) or are typically developing. 

What to expect: This is a longitudinal study, requiring a total of four annual study visits. Each visit consists of two (2-8 hour) days. 

Potential Benefits: Information from research behavioral and cognitive assessment, with a research report of the assessment results. Flight/hotel/ground transportation costs covered for the participating child and one care-giver/parent. Families will receive an honorarium of up to $100 for their participation. 

Contact Information: For more information, check out our website or email us at You can also check your eligibility by filling out our survey.


The PANDA (Puberty and NeuroDevelopment in Adolescence) Study at the Hong Lab studies the effects of hormone therapy on the brain’s development throughout adolescences with the goal to improve future treatments for trans youth. 

Eligibility: Pre-teens of all gender expressions ages 10-14 

What to expect: Comprehensive physical, cognitive and behavioral evaluations. Brain imaging using MRI and blood test (including genetic analysis) 

Potential Benefits: Written reports from cognitive and behavioral evaluations and up to a $130 honorarium for each year of participation. 

Contact Information: Email us at or call (650) 434-2415. Take our eligibility survey or visit our website to learn more.


Noonan Syndrome Study

The BRIDGE (Brain Imaging, Development, Genetics) Lab focuses on pediatric clinical neuroscience with an emphasis on neurogenic and neurodevelopment disorders. They are recruiting for a study on Noonan Syndrome. 

Eligibility: Girls and boys ages 5-13 with Noonan Syndrome. 

What to expect: MRI scan of brain and a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation. Study visits typically consist of one day at Stanford University and a second day for online assessments. 

Potential Benefits: A report summarizing results from the neuropsychological evaluation and a $100 honorarium. Flight/hotel/transportation costs covered for eligible families. 

Contact Information: Email us at or call us at (650)440-1902. Check out our lab's website.

For general information about participant rights, contact 1-866-680-2906