Volunteers Needed to Participate in Important Brain Research!

The Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research is seeking volunteers to participate in research studies investigating the neurological, biological, and psychological aspects of multiple genetic and neurodevelopmental disorders. We are currently recruiting individuals with the following disorders, below, as well as healthy volunteers.

**Urgent Current Research Participant needs**

Healthy Volunteers Needed!

-Girls ages 7 - 13 years old for MRI studies

-Girls and Boys in 3rd Grade for NIRS studies

-Girls and Boys ages 13 - 19 years old for NIRS studies. If you would like to be contacted about research studies for which your child may be eligible, please fill out a brief 1-minute survey here:



Study Who can Participate Age Range Gender Time Committment
Autism Autism varies varies see study website for details
Bipolar Disorder Bipolar or Typical Developing varies Male and Female Contact staff for details
BGAP/Klinefelter Study Boys with confirmed Klinefelter syndrome (47, XXY) or typical development 8-13 years old Male 2 full days or 4 after school visits
Fragile X - Behavior And Neuro-Development Learning and/or behavior challenges, developmental disability, or fragile X syndrome 6-14 years old Female  see study website for details
Fragile X Syndrome - Social Skills Training Boys with intellectual or developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder, and/or fragile X syndrome 8-18 years old Male See study website for details
Fragile X Syndrome - GABA Neuroimaging Study Boys with fragile X syndrome, intellectual or developmental disability, and/or autism spectrum disorder 21-28 years old Male Contact staff for details
Healthy Volunteers Typically developing (healthy volunteers) 3-18 years old Male and Female Contact staff for details
Juvenile Diabetes (DirecNet) Children with diabetes and healthy controls 4-9 years old Male and Female Contact staff for details
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Varies - visit NIRS lab site - - -
Noonan Syndrome Boys and girls with Noonan Syndrome (PTPN11 and SOS1) 5-11 years old Male and Female 2-3 days (travel costs provided by study)
PANDA Study Typically developing pre-teens with no medical/psychiatric issues 10-14 All gender expressions 1 hour phone interviews and 1 full day visit