Eye Contact and Social Conversation Research

Males (ages 8-18) with intellectual or developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder,and/or fragile X syndrome are invited to participate in an NIH-funded behavioral treatment study to help children learn eye contact and social conversation skills.

Participation involves:

  • Coming to Stanford for 3-4 days
  • Cognitive testing
  • Awake MRI scan
  • Intensive behavioral intervention of social skills

Inclusion criteria for participation – child must be:

  • Male
  • Between 8-18 years of age
  • IQ between 50 and 80 points
  • Does not experience seizures
  • Able to lie still for up to 10 min with instruction

Benefits of participating:

  • Potential improvement in social skills
  • Families will receive an honorarium of $100 for their participation and a report on the results of the cognitive testing
  • Child will receive colored picture of his brain

Local and long-distance travel arrangements will be made by Stanford research staff. There are no travel or lodging costs to families for participation.

To determine eligibility for this study, please click the link to go to a brief survey, or copy and paste the URL directly into your web browser.

For more information or to enroll, please contact

Ellen Wilkinson

(650) 735-0591

Download study flyer here