MRI Manager

MRI Manager is a drag-and-drop program which analyzes the header information in the raw MRI files in GE "Signa" and "Genesis" formats and summarizes it for each scan series.

It automatically checks for data corruption in the header and image data in each file. It organizes images from each scan series in a separate folders and labels the folders automatically using the SPNL naming convention. In addition, it separates images from double-echo scans into two sets based on the echo number and labels them appropriately.

The files are renamed to reflect the location of the image within the scan series, the patient's identity, and the imaging plane (axial, sagittal or coronal). The folders are also renamed based on the SPNL convention to reflect the patients identity and the imaging plane used in the scans. Refer to document "Inventory and Naming of MRI Scans" version 2.3 or later for a complete description of the SPNL naming convention.

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