Statistical Parametric Mapping

CIBSR maintains a library of SPM99, SPM2, SPM5 and SPM8 scripts used to process MRI data. We also have a manual that is over 150 pages that walks you through these scripts. These are available to CoGent investigators, collaborators and other interested parties by email request to Paul Mazaika .

Examples of SPM Scripts available are:

  • Batch scripts from reconstruction of GE files to smoothing to individual GLM
  • Automated script to check quality of data
  • Other automation tools for various SPM functions
  • Scripts that create effect-size whole brain maps of your group results
  • Scripts that create leave-one-out probabilistic maps of your group results
  • Scripts that perform support vector machine analyses and beyond
  • Scripts that perform whole brain correlation analyses of different modalities
  • Scripts that perform various ROI analyses