Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

Research Training for Child Psychiatry and Neurodevelopment (NIH T32)

Two - three year fellowships funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) are available for researchers who seek to improve or expand their ability to conduct interdisciplinary investigation in brain and behavioral sciences and child psychiatry. Postdoctoral projects can encompass basic and/or clinical research and might include investigation into one or more of the following areas: molecular or behavioral neurogenetics, neuroimaging, neurobiology, developmental psychopathology, endophenotypes associated with neuropsychiatric disorders, new diagnostic methods, outcomes research and intervention studies. Project proposals should clearly state the interdisciplinary nature of the project. Fellows with MD or PhD degrees conduct research during the program with mentors/advisors from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences or a number of related departments or interdisciplinary programs including Pediatrics, Genetics, Psychology, Radiology and Neuroscience.

Application Materials Required - submit via email to to Lucia Gutierrez:

  • Current CV
  • Post Doctoral Application
  • Research Statement (description on page two of the application form)
  • Three Letters of Reference


Additional Information